Sunset At Brookwood Military Cemetery

At last, there’s been some sunshine this week and I thought after work yesterday, I would stop by the Brookwood Military Cemetery – I pass it everyday going to work but never actually been. I finish work at 5 and timed it to get there just before sunset, hoping for a pink evening sky. Unfortunately, there was no pink, but I still took some photos to have a practice around and this is what I came up with…

I found this idea where all colours are removed and you highlight a specific part of the photo, I have certainly had fun doing this on all these photos.

I’m not sure if this style of colouring works with this photos, the rose looks like it has been stuck on there with glue!

I have played around with this a bit more, with the effects with this one and have “removed” the moon because from changing it to this, it just looked a bit more of a spec on the lens.

I do like both of these, from the colour of leaves, it really gives the sense of Autumn.

Something a bit different again and another idea online was using a keyhole over the lens and getting the outline of the keyhole. I have had a play with this prop to try a few different things – with the keyhole I’ve bought, I’m hoping I’ll get some lovely photos in the Autumn season!

I realise some of the photos are pretty dark so I’m looking into how to improve this – the colour photos, I have not made any changes with the lighting and exposure on Lightroom, the only changes I have made is to get rid of the colour to show the flowers.

Walking around, I got this sense of peace and calm, time where you would just stand and think, looking at all the graves. I think I barely covered even a quarter of the area and I am definitely looking forward to going back! It is certainly an extraordinary place to go – I can imagine that on Remembrance Sunday, as its100 years since the end of World War 1, this place will be extremely busy with people paying their respect!!

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