Dear Blog, It’s Been A While…

6 months to be exact, where has the time gone!?!

Back in April, I unfortunately got a heart infection which put everything back. I lost all  get up and go and enthusiasm. I still had and have my full time job which I love, but when at home, I would just sit down and that was it. The pain, discomfort and unknowing if all was OK just wasn’t helping me (new blog coming up about this 🙂 )

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were due a week off together, the first time since Christmas last year. We were trying to decide what to do – something to the house or go away on holiday. We decided to go for the house. What did we do – re-decorate the lounge through dining room. This meant new carpet, destroying and making right the fireplace which is now a lovely feature hole, new carpet, the whole shebang. OK, this was bringing the project forward by a whole year, but this was the first time in month’s I felt like “right, I want to do something”. (Again, new blog coming up about this) This project really helped me pop my bubble and feel somewhat back to normal.

For the rest of the year, I have myself some challenges, nearly all of which I have made a start on:

  1. To begin with, I am getting back into blogging – as you’ve read above, I have at least another 2 blog ideas!
  2. This week, I’ve done my first week out of a 10 week adult learning bookkeeping course. I have been given extra responsibilities at work so to give myself a helping hand and some encouragement, I thought I would give this a try.
  3. From tomorrow, I am starting the Race At Your Pace – I have picked to walk 25 miles in the month of October. To give myself the determination to keep it up, I have set up a JustGiving page for the British Heart Foundation for anyone who would like to sponsor me (link at bottom of post), since all this really kicked off from developing Myocarditis.
  4. With this, this will help kick start my diet once again, which since April, more weight has gone on!
  5. To finally finish my nail course, which I have tried to do multiple times, but never quite got to the finishing stage.
  6. On from this, I would love to start a side line nail business, doing peoples nails in their own home.
  7. And from this, I would like to make up spa packs to sell using creative ideas to present them.
  8. And finally, to find my creative side! Yesterday, I made a good start to this – I went to Hobbycraft in the morning and pine cone picking in the afternoon to make some Christmas decorations when I have some free time next weekend! At the moment, my Etsy page is on holiday mode, but I am hoping I will find the time over the next 2 weeks to get this all sorted and back online.

I am now looking forward to these last few months to pick myself up and put myself back on track. I can’t wait to share my journey with you!!

Just Giving – Kimberley’s Race At Your Pace – 25 Miles For The British Heart Foundation

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