To My Taste Buds, Waist Line and Stomach, We Really Need To Have A Conversation…

My sweet tooth is becoming more of a problem and no matter how much I keep telling myself today is the day, well it just doesn’t happen – I just keep wanting that sugary flavour of sweets!

I start off well in the mornings, I eat breakfast, healthy snacks through the day, a reasonably healthy lunch…then I get home and from there, it goes down hill.

Last week, I was fully mind set to make a start – in a year I’ve put on 2 stone! So I thought right get my jaw bone tracker thingy on and let’s see what I do. In a day at work, where I’m sitting so much, I didn’t even get to 2,000 steps. The weather was sunny and after work, I went for a walk along the canal near where we live. In my half an hour walk, I added an extra 4,000 steps. I thought great, I’ll do this tomorrow too, but nope, I got this cold bug that’s going around so for the rest of the week I haven’t been for a walk or to the the gym. Luckily, I already feel like I’ve passed the worst part so today, I’ll make another start. I will try to do my best that my next blog will not inform you of my giving into sweets again but some sort of progress!

My other reason for needing to stop the sweets is I can really feel the effects on my general health. I’m beginning to feel more lethargic and a couple of weeks ago when I was in Devon visiting family, I ate so much rubbish, when I came back, my stomach was telling me to stop!

I’ve been looking into detox plans, I think my body is in desperate need of this!

If anyone has any advice or plans they’ve followed, please do let me know 😁

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