Sunday Nights, How I Do Hate Them So Much

So this is just a very short blog…

Sunday nights seem to be my worst night for falling asleep, probably the clocks going forward hasn’t really helped this week, but it’s the same story every week. Usually when I nap during the day, I can’t get to sleep but Sunday nights, whether I nap or not during the day, it just doesn’t happen. I love my job so it’s not like I’m thinking about it, stressing out or dreading it. No matter what job I’ve been in, these Sunday nights have ALWAYS been a problem!

I am really looking forward to next week, 4 days off for the Easter break 😊 We’ve got some plans – meeting friends in London, a house warming party and tidying up the house plus I will finally get some time to add jewellery to my new website! I keep saying every morning, I’ll add something tonight but it never happens.

This feels the same for dieting, I’ll start tomorrow or on Monday, well probably for the 100th time this year already, that Monday is today!!

Good night all! 😊

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