I Can See Why Shops Are Closing

I’m originally from Devon, Torquay to be specific, and when I visit, I notice each time how changes one way or another, and rarely for good.

One thing I do find sad, is the town centre; there’s nothing really down there apart from cafes.

And the other day, I got an understanding of why.

One of the shops I use, mainly for my husband, is a retailer where t-shirts are around £20 plus and jeans are £50.

I bought something through their website a little while ago and subscribed to their emails and I cannot believe the discounts that I get, but I can only use the voucher codes online, not in store! So where is the incentive to go in store when I can save up to 50% online? Apart from getting it that day, but luckily for my husband, I plan his wardrobe so we can wait for it to arrive in the post. If companies want you to go into shops, why not make codes printable?

Also, when you go down a street, so many shops have similar items, whereas if you use notonthhightstreet.com or Etsy, there is such amazing and extensive range of products you can purchase.

I’m very excited to be renting shelf space in a couple of shops in the next couple of months and I’m so surprised how many places don’t do this. I reckon if more shops did this, it might prove more successful, helping small business grow but also keeping shops open.


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