Coming Up To Our First Year Wedding Anniversary – A Year Already??

We’ve been together for over 11 years now and on the 19th December 2014, my now husband proposed to me. I don’t think I said yes for the first half an hour as I was crying with so much happiness and jumping around the room, I think I nearly forgot to answer, I’m sure though my emotions and body language gave more than enough of an answer, plus putting on that ring on as quickly as I could.

When I think back to planning the day, 5 months after buying our first house, I actually found it all quite easy to plan with little stress – ok, probably me living in Surrey getting married in Devon where my family lives, it might have made it easier, however at the same time, if I needed to do anything, it was a bit of a frantic call. Everyone helped a lot and the best part was they were doing everything as I asked, planning our day how we wanted it, not going off and doing their own thing.

We got married at the Carlton Hotel and everything was perfect – I had always wanted everything done under one roof. I couldn’t be bothered worrying about how people get to the next location and all the bits in between, sod that. I wanted it as easy as possible.

What we wanted was to really have the day doing what we love…which included playing pool / snooker and playing on the shooting games whilst the team were changing the room from wedding to reception, god dam perfect and we loved it.

When it came to reception, again, sod the table plan (except for one table for me, my new husband and our parents) and the “sit down meal”, it was buffet food all round, you get it right for everyone then!

The cake was simply designed, but I didn’t want it to distract from the amazing cake topper, the clay version of me and my hubby, standing there with his laptop too!

Everything just went so well – from the morning, chatting away (no alcohol) with my amazing bridesmaid, no nerves insight to giggling through our vows, from playing games in between to eating food and dancing. We couldn’t be anymore thankful to everyone who joined us on our special day and was part of it.

The only 2 things that went wrong – a split pair of trousers and a bit of a cock up with our bedroom…I can’t complain too much with that can I, especially when you hear of some horror stories!

Coming up to our first year and thinking what we’ve been through, it really does put a smile on my face 😊

….now, what to buy as a paper pressie???

Location: The Carlton Hotel – TLH

Photography: Memories & Milestones Photography

Cake: Claire’s Cakes, Torquay

Cake Topper: A Little Relic – Etsy

Decorations: Decorations and Celebrations

DJ: Nick Barton -DJ

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