Too Many Decisions – Garden or Lounge??

So the fence has been replaced and looks amazing! We are over the moon with the how it looks compared to before, however, now the rest of the garden looks bad.

So my mind became set, the next project would be the garden this side of summer. We got prices of doing it and thought it’s do-able.

I have a fascination for going carpet shopping, I have no idea why, but whilst we were out last weekend, we popped off into Tapi Carpets – bad idea! I was in the shop thinking, hmmm maybe the lounge would be more practical to sort out now and the garden more the end of the year…by the time I walked out of the shop, my mind was bad up, the garden could wait.

We then came home, started measuring up, looked at new fireplaces and was looking forward to getting it done.

The problem is, I had a text from the chap who did our fence, and he’s given me a better price for the garden, so I feel like I’m back to square one – garden or lounge?

My husband had already said in the carpet shop, that once the lounge was done, he was 100% sure I would then turn around and say the summer is coming and I want to sit in a nice garden so now let’s do the garden.

So that is the other problem, I love being in the garden and as spring is only a month or 2 away, what do I do…

The decisions adults have to face! Haha

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