So What Should Have Been A Day Out, Ended Up Being Very Productive Indeed

My husband and I had a day off work together – the plan was to go to London to Sky Garden and the History of Video Games.

The morning started well; the guys came to start the new fence, we went out to get a few bits of shopping, I got to the opticians and then got to the train station to head off into London.

A Fence Panel
The Beginning of the New Fence

However, South Western Trains had other ideas…apparently this morning there was a signal failure at Waterloo. Now, if the railway bosses say that they’re spending soooooo much money to improve the service on the trains, how come there are still so many delays and signal failures, they’re just basically traffic lights!

Apparently by 11 o’clock, they were meant to be back on time, however, every 2nd to 3rd train was cancelled and the ones that weren’t cancelled, were delayed. We waited 20 minutes and still nothing. By this time as well, we missed going to the Sky Garden, thank goodness it’s free to visit it.

I managed to get a refund for my train ticket – for £25, I’m not just going to walk off and leave it. The customer service guy said that they’re running back on time but by the time we got back to the car, which was about a 7 minute walk, no trains still passed through heading London way. It’s not only the time to get to London, it’s then the problem of getting home if there were still problems.

I was disappointed not to go to the games thing, although we are going to try and go another afternoon before it finishes.

Anyway, I managed to turn the day around. Since yesterday morning, I’ve had 3 jewellery orders come through, making a total of 120 bracelets to make, including personalised cards for 2 of the orders.

I’m over half way through the making of one order, and made all cards for the other 2, so it ended up being a very productive day!

These larger orders are certainly keeping me busy, I love it!

I have made these bracelets for such events as parties and wedding favours – if there is something you fancy, please do get in touch.

Jewellery Orders
Jewellery orders in the making

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