Ummmm, Yeah, So I Should Be On A Diet But…So I’m Kicking My Backside Into Gear For Cancer Research

I seem to be getting into a routine of trying to start my diet everyday! The problem is, I do alright at work and I think “YES, I’ve cracked this” but then I get home and start eating, all food of which is not on the diet friendly friendly list.

So I decided to have another go at Slim ‘n’ Save. Last time I tried it this way, it really gave me a kick start, and after about a month of being on the shakes and losing the weight, it put me into the right frame of mind and I kept the weight off for about 2 years.

I’ve ordered my shakes and can’t wait to get them to get going. Plus, I can now confirm that all the naughty treats and snacks from Christmas have gone and I’ll start shopping for the right food and drink – no more excuses now!

The other thing is that before I had a up coming wedding so I had to keep the weight off, now there’s not much reason.

Going through Facebook the other day, I came across an advert for being sponsored for Sugar Free February for Cancer Research. I can’t do dry January because I don’t drink so I thought let’s give this a go.

I have an amazingly sweet tooth, I go through a 500ml bottle of Dr Pepper everyday at least and god knows how many sweets!

So for this amazing charity, I’m going to do this! Please feel free to sponsor me at the link.

Cancer Research – Sugar Free February

I just feel sorry for the people nearest to me for when the mood swings kick in.


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