How Times Have Changed – Photography

I posted a blog the other day about encouragement, from having no sales and no real ambition to keep going to lots of sales and wanting to do more.

The other problem I had when I first started was taking the photos. Even though it’s just 5 years ago, if I wanted to take photos with my phone, they were of quite poor quality. So it was then the task of getting all the camera equipment out; the lights, setting up the camera on the tripod, setting it all up…sod all of that.

And even when you take the photos, it’s then writing the description, uploading it…I just want to make.

However now, with phone cameras being so much better, I just set up the jewellery on a white piece of paper, I may use the effects on the phone (more for Instagram though), take the photo and that’s that, job done. Plus, as it is the Wish Bracelets I’m focusing on, I just copy the product description of the same style bracelet and upload.

I would love to get more imaginative with the photography side of things, but I suppose for the price of the bracelets, is it really worth it? Even when you really want to do it, it’s still the time you’ve got to take into consideration for it.

The Etsy app makes life a lot easier too – you take the photo on your phone and you can then upload it from your phone – perfect! As easy as 1, 2, sale 😁

As I said in my blog post about the London Lumiere, I just used my phone camera the whole time although I had my SLR with me, it didn’t even make it out of my bag!

There are rumours / releases of the Samsung S9 and the camera being so much better again, I’m looking forward to launch…it’s the day of release where I have the problem, do I take the plunge!?


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