London Lumiere

The cameras came out for the first time in a long time, too long in fact, to head off into London for London Lumiere.

It had been raining a lot of the day but luckily it had stopped by the time we got into London.

We were meeting a friend so we did stop off for food at Bryon Burger in the opposite direction of Piccadilly Circus and got a table straight away.

Once we ate, we were ready to go. We had been to the event before 2 years ago so we were looking forward to it, however we were some what disappointed.

Last time we went, they had scarves across Oxford Circus flying around – this year it was a ball with kaleidoscope like projections onto it. I think I preferred the scarves, it had a lot more colour and easier to take photos of.

We then headed down Regent Street – last time we went, this had either fish or flamingos flying around and on the side of a building lights that would flash making it look like people going up and down the ladders. This year there was none of that, just a building with a projection on that I can’t really explain what it was meant to be.

We got down to Piccadilly Circus. On one of the buildings, it had another projection, it was of London and clocks. It was pretty cool however, but because of the screens above Boots and the bank, you couldn’t see the projection very well – I think it would have been better to either have dark adverts or turn a couple of them off.

Piccadilly Circus

Next was Leicester Square – there was quite a queue to get into the middle so decided to miss it and went straight onto Trafalgar Square. It was only at this point, that we attempted with the proper cameras, but I couldn’t really be bothered and just continued with my phone. There were balloons filled with lights swaying in the wind with the fountains either side lit up. Although the balloons were moving, I don’t think my S8 did too bad a job 🙂

By this time, it was getting rather nippy so we headed down to a pub just up from Downing Street. Considering it was a Saturday, it was quite quiet, but still with enough atmosphere, you didn’t need to shout to hear each other!

Last stop was the London Eye. As always, this was lit up and looked stunning. The colours would go around in a pattern. At one point, the colours were red white and blue however, it was always just as I walked around, it would be like that so I didn’t get any photos.

I’ve got to say, I wasn’t as impressed this time as I was the last and I have learnt 2 things; with the cameras on phones being so much better, I don’t really need to take my old SLR and secondly, remember my battery power pack as my battery died right as I was taking photos of the London Eye. At least that was our last stop!


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