Frost Vs The Wind – Wind vs Our Fence

I’m not really someone who watches the weather – mainly because it’s not always accurate so I rather look outside in the morning and see how the day goes.

This week, we’ve been told about is this cold weather coming in so every morning I would wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual and look outside to see if the car has any frost on it which had to be a clear.

Wednesday night on my way home listening to Magic FM, they were just talking about this cold snap due overnight, so I was thinking great, will have to be up early to clear the car.

Then at about 4 am, Thursday morning, the wind whipped up and I got woken up by a bin flying around. To begin with I was wondering what the hell was going on – I was expecting frost and snow, not wind! After a few minutes of the bin blowing around, I heard a bang in the distance. I looked out the window to see if there was someone around, putting the bin out of the wind or something, but nothing.

I managed to get back to sleep thinking well if it’s windy, it shouldn’t be icy, but I still woke up 20 minutes earlier to check – nope, nothing, car was still black, not icy white. Great, alarms snoozed and 20 minutes extra in bed.

I got up and went about like usual getting ready, forgetting about the faint bang. I walked out the door, leaving my husband to pick up his bag and lock up behind me, I popped my head around the side of the house to check that our bins that they were where they should be – yep no problem there.

Now this was 7:15 in the morning so reactions take a second or two longer to kick in…

As I lifted my head to head to the car, I saw this fence panel in the lane next to the house, lifting my head up further, our neighbours fence was all in tact soooo….god dam it, it was ours, a 8ft fence panel plus a post and the fence gate.

We had been leaving earlier than usual for a couple of days because a junction near where we live, there’s a 4 way traffic light for road works, adding on at least 10 minutes to our journey. But we couldn’t leave the fence gate where it was, it just had to blow into the lane didn’t it, not into the garden.

Between my husband and I, we just about picked it up, scrapped it into the garden and dumped it, we had no choice, we still had to go to work.

Now the other weird part is that, all of our posts are wooden apart from the ones between us and the neighbours, they’re concrete, but somehow, out of the 5 panels that are slotted in between the posts, one had somehow managed to be lifted up and ended up in the back of our next door neighbours garden…how, I do not know, it wasn’t bent, no real damage, apart from one piece of wood going across where it’s cracked, that’s it! Luckily an easy fix, it just slide back in to where it belonged.

However, for our panel and fence gate, by the time we would get it fixed, we might as well get the whole replaced. The back panels were already damaged from when we moved in, my dad and I fixed it the best way we could the first week we got the keys. I think if it wasn’t for the trees just behind these panels, I don’t think they would be standing either, although they are only just about now, they’re barely attached to what they should be – again another reason why we’ve just bitten the bullet and got the whole lot done now. Plus in the spring, it was one of the jobs we were planning to do., it’s just been bought forward a few months.

It’s good news for me though because at least once it’s done, I can slowly start landscaping the garden, there was no point really starting until the new fence was up, so happy days for me, as long as it’s sunny anyway.

The story of this is that I think I prefer frost to wind…as long as every morning my little car starts up all ok!!!


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