The House

I’ve mentioned on a couple of my posts now about the house, the house that we’re making into a home. It had been rented out for a time before us and was very basic with white walls all downstairs and decorated in the bedrooms to someone else’s taste. We got the keys in September 2016 and as we had to put notice on the flat we were renting, we had 5 weeks overlap. Thinking back now, I wondered how the hell we did it! We both had full time jobs, so travelling down to the house everyday, doing something to it and then back to the flat to sleep – this was our life for the those 5 weeks, plus being there every weekend.

We painted every single room – walls and ceiling, at least twice on all surfaces. Some walls had to be painted with a special paint before the colour we wanted was painted on as the original colour would just bleed through.

Before and after, from red and wallpapered walls with dark flooring to blue and grey:

One huge thing I have learnt – even if the paint is on the same shelf in the DIY shops, never take it for granted that they’re the same! I had very very nearly finished a room and dam it, I ran out of paint so I had to open a new one that I bought at the same time as the other one, from the same shelf. I finished the room and it wasn’t until the next day I walked in and thought, they’re different colours! I think we were about week 4 through the 5 weeks so the tiredness had kicked in BIG time. What had happened was I had picked up a matt and glossy paint! We prefer matt paint, so 90% of the room was matt and just 10% glossy, however as I had just opened the glossy, was nearing the end of my tether and I was not going to B&Q for probably the 500th time at that point to get another tin of paint, I painted the 90% from matt to gloss! You can’t really tell the difference though, and it’s the spare bedroom so we’re barely in it ourselves.

The best part for me…the garden

Because the house hadn’t been lived in for a few months, the garden was over grown and had a damaged sun house – the door didn’t shut properly and the first time we properly stood in it, the floor gave way! I was in my element – after 9 years of living in flats, I wanted a garden and this was it, plus loads of destruction was in order, fantastic stress-reliever! So after every weeknight having to be inside because of it being too dark outside, at the weekend I was in that garden, pulling out plants, chopping down little trees and getting that summerhouse down! We have now been left with a blank canvas, ready for whenever we have the time to landscape it properly!

No matter whether it was tree trunks, god dam bamboo (that is dam right nasty stuff) or small trees, nothing stops me having a go!

We have managed to finish 2 bedrooms completely – carpet (another favourite of my to-dos, going carpet shopping), furniture, the lot plus so many other little bits to improve the house, we’ve even changed the loft hatch. We’ve bought new furniture for the dining room and lounge – being in a one bedroom flat to a house, you do find that the amount of furniture you have doesn’t always match your ideas.

It is very exciting having your own home but you don’t fully realise how much it can and does take it out of you! I really look forward to writing a following post to this, this time next year on where we’re up to 😊


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