Date Night – Trip To The Cinema 

We keep saying that we should do more together (one of my New Year’s Resolutions) so on Saturday, we went to the cinema. I suppose the problem with going to the cinema and our life style, is that if we want to go to the cinema week nights, when it’s quieter, by the time we get home and changed ready to go, it then ends up being a meal or at least some sort of food out, plus drinks, sweets and then the tickets themselves, so it can work out quite expensive compared to just making something at home (diet friendly for us if possible) and downloading something – movie night at home.

Now first of all, we were a bit cheesed off – we were given a Vue cinema gift card for Christmas so decided to use it. You would have thought being one of the larger cinema companies in the UK, you would be able to use the gift card online…but apparently not. And we’re the sort of people who always like to book online so you know you’ve got the seats right in the middle of the screen and in the exact right place for your head…basically the premium seats 😁 But no, you can only use your gift card in the cinema itself.

One of the problem this causes is you find yourself having to leave more or less an hour earlier to get through the dam queue because out of 10 tills the cinema have, they only ever seem to have a couple of people serving.

We went to see Molly’s Game…a husbands’ choice. I like Aaron Sorkin and his writing – my most favourite of his being the TV show Newsoom, I would happily watch it again and again, it’s just a shame they cancelled it. When I saw the trailer of Molly’s Game, I was a bit apprehensive but there have been quite a few times I’ve gone to see a “husband film” but actually I’ve actually enjoyed them. I’m not too sure if it’s because I don’t know how to play or even like Poker, but I wasn’t so keen on the film.

To think how times have changed over the years with films:

Once it’s been in the cinema, you would have to wait from 6 months to year for a film to come out on video. At this time, there weren’t exactly very many rental video stores either so you would put it on your Christmas or birthday list and hoped.

Then came DVDs and Blockbuster. Rentals became more too. I remember our village shop used to even do DVD rentals! But even then, it still felt like years later that you would actually get the film to watch at home.

Then came Amazon, Google, ITunes etc. where you could either buy and download or rent films for a length of time. As well, it’s usually only a few months you actually have to wait until you can get and watch it if you’ve missed it in the cinema. Adding to this, you’ve then got Netflix, Now TV etc.

As well as all of the above, TVs and sound through surround sound and sounds bars has improved so watching films at home can more or less be a cinema experience these days.

So the questions we always ask ourselves; do we go to the cinema or can we wait for it to be downloadable??


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