That Bit Of Encouragement

Every sale you get, it really builds your confidence up no matter how small the order. I think that’s why I sort of gave up some hope for the first few years. With not getting any sales and where we were renting being so small with no real room to get all my beads out, it didn’t give me any real get up and go.

So with moving into the new house, having the computer room with a desk for 2 and proper storage space, my fingers started fiddling wanting to get back into something.

Once I got married last year, I thought, let’s have another go at it, so through March I was planning and buying new bits ready to get stuff made and uploaded onto my Etsy site for April!

I knew from before that the Wish bracelets did well so I bought quite a few new charms and made them up, plus added beaded jewellery too.

The beaded jewellery still didn’t sell but I kept my chin up…

I then bought this Disney key charm and thought, let’s set up an offer and see how things go…well, my confidence was given a HUGE boost.

I had the end of November and the whole of December off work, sales started flooding in and when I thought things couldn’t get much better with the amount of orders, I had a request for 200 bracelets for America! Thank goodness I had all the charms and the time to do it!

After being away for Christmas, when I came home I decided to set up the new pricing and offers, my mind was and is set to keep it growing. I have new presentation ideas that I can’t wait to show.

I was wondering how things would go in January, not really expecting any sales at all but I’m up to 12 already!

Hearing my iPad ping when that next sale comes through, it just puts a smile on my face because I know I’m doing something right and I’ve found my niche market. And it’s the same too when you get a five star review, although you’re always anxious if something goes wrong.

When people say, never give up, it’s so true – you’ve just got to keep experimenting and trying different designs, ways etc. until you find it the right one, you get the right reaction that you’re looking for and those sales start flooding in!

I’ve just got to get busy making to add more to my growing range – more products, more sales 😁


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