2018 Bucket List

As I said in my New Year, New Me post, I have got a bucket list for this year. Last year, spending so much time doing up the house, getting married and finding new jobs, I feel that this year should be a year to relax and enjoy life – last year in my 20s too before January 2019!

So, this are my plans for this year:

To go on  helicopter flight over London – we did this over Woking in July, my husbands 30th birthday pressie and it was awesome! If you are thinking of doing this, I bought our tickets on Groupon, they always seem to have deals on.
Fairoaks Airport – Woking


To go indoor skydiving – I have no courage at the moment to do the real thing, so I’ll give it a go indoors.

To get into astrophotography – I’ve had my telescope for nearly a year now and given it a go a few times with no luck. If anyone can give me advice or links on this, please do comment 😊

Learn to rock climb – just why not!

One thing I’ve said for a good few years but still haven’t done it, go on a Segway somewhere.

Instead of saying “I fancy seeing that film in the cinema when it’s out” and when I see that it’s in the cinema and not bothering to go…actually go.

We live near the National Shooting Centre / Bisley Shooting in Bisley, Woking so that is a definite on the to do list! Bisley Shooting Ground

I’m sure that there’s more things which I’ve completely forgotten about. I know for sure though, Groupon will be getting quite a bit of business out of me this year 😁

A year of doing – I’ve certainly got my mind set on my jewellery too making up new ideas 😊



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