Advice From Fellow Craft Makers Please 😃

I was wondering if anyone has some advise on how they’ve grown their business. I need to get out there. I seem to have more sales from the US compared to the UK, which considering I offer free UK delivery, I’m quite surprised as the orders come through. I realise how much I need to get my name out there but just need some guidance or knowledge on what other people have done.

I’ve recently done a charity donation of the wish bracelets for Children In Need. All my bracelets come with my business card too.

Has anyone approached shops / businesses and got their products into shops? How did you go about it?

Has anyone done PR through other websites and did it work? I’ve looked online – I’d like to think I’m a good searcher on their internet but I just seem to be struggling what to do.

I really look forward to knowing people’s thoughts and ideas. Thank you so much in advance 😊


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