New Year, New Me 

As like so many people, I made some new year’s resolutions – 4 this year, which considering I very rarely make any, this year must be making up for the missed years 🙂

Although I’ve sort of broke one already – to post this particular post yesterday. The second part of this resolution is to not leave it over 8 months between each blog! 🙂

My second one is to really crack on with my jewellery and grow it. I had my best year last year, all because of the Disney Wish Bracelet which I have set up as a buy one, get one free. As that has gone so well, I’ve decided to make them all buy one get one free, plus I will be increasing the range of wish bracelets as often as I can. My goal – 50 different styles by the end of February!

Disney Bracelet.png

The next one, as many people will have, diet and lose weight! So I started this today (not exactly the 1st but it’s only one day later and we were busy trying to eat up all the naughty food first), I had to make the very hard decision of stopping my very high intake of sugar. I have an extremely sweet tooth so I’ll see how long I can last, but I can really tell that my body is in need of detoxing for a good few weeks!

Ok, this was relatively healthy, but wow, the size of it is certainly worth every penny (I did ask for cheese AND ham as on the menu it only allowed one). I would definitely recommend going to Occombe Farm in Torbay, Devon for a dam good Ploughman’s!


And this, not so healthy…authentic pizza from our trip to Rome in December



My last resolution is to spend more time on me and my husband. 14 months ago, we bought our first home. It had been rented out and needed quite a bit of TLC – as soon as we got the keys, every weekend we were busy doing something, whether it was painting, destroying. gardening etc., and the weekends we didn’t do house stuff, we were too tired to do anything. Plus, the following February, we were getting married so it was full steam ahead on such huge events in a person’s life.

With so many plans and resolutions to keep to, I have a 2018 bucket list and really looking forward to fulfilling as many activities as I can!

Happy 2018!!!


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