Wish Charm Bracelets

So, this weekend, I am finally going to get my wish bracelets on Etsy, I’ll be up and running again!

The one thing I love about these is that they suit nearly all age groups and with having so many charms available, they’re individual to that person receiving. Plus I also have the hematite wish star bracelets.

My favourite one is the bunny one – whilst my mum was pregnant with me, my dad would ask “how’s the bun in the oven”, and when I was born, my nickname became bun and even now at the age of 28, I still get called it!

They’re perfect to go with a gift for someone as a little added extra, to be used in bags for parties or another idea, as gift for end of year students. Someone asked me to make 25, she worked in a school and it was nearing the end of the school year so as a gift for her students she bought these to hand out. As long as am I given advance notice, I will always try to fulfil your orders. And for a cost of £1.50 (discounts for quantities) you can’t really go far wrong!

If you require more than the quantity shown on Etsy or there is something more specific you would like, please get in touch and I’ll more than happy to help!


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